Julia's Wine Napa Valley #RR215

18c   16.5x18   $229.

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    June 6, 2019 to June 18, 2019.

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Canvases Only, Sorry, no threads  

CBK Gone Fishing #LREPL10 

18c  14x9.5  $189.

Danji  18c  4x2.75  $45.

M.Shirley Shell Tree #MLT343 18c  6.5x10  $210.

Kate Dickerson Christmas Fish in Heels #XST03

18c  7x8.25  $119.

​Bill and Michelle

Danji   18c  3.25x5  $49.

Tango & Chocolate Sleigh Ride with Dogs #TCSF901

18c  14x11  $198.

Kate Dickerson Stand Up Bat Moon #HST401

18c  6x8  $119.

Meredith Collection Window Cloud #T56

18c  6x6  $79.

CBK Border Patrol #LREPL8

18c  14x9.5  $189.

P.Mann Welcome Baby

#5416LK   18c  6x6.5  $79.

Fleur de Paris/Machelle  Pretty Packages # MS085B          13c  9.5x10   $195.

​​​needlePOINT of
la jolla... in

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Julia's  Watercolor  

13c  11x10.5  $179.

Labors of Love  Happily Ever After # LL148  18c  6"  $75. 

Red Thread Grapes and Leaves #RT238

18c  6x8.5  $79.

Here are some of our new New Mexico Friends... canvas painted by CBK

Julia's Tiger Walk #TT142

 18c  12x17  $319.

Julia's Grazing Cows #TT111

13c  17.5x11  $129.

CBK   18c 4.5  $59.

Kate Dickerson Chicago Collage #PL331

18c  10x10  $179. 

Labors of Love once Upon a Time #LL147   18c  6"  $75. 

Julia's Secret Garden #PS13

18c  9x12  $249.

Kate Dickerson  18c  5.5x11  $119.

​Bill and Michelle are showing Needlepoint Canvases we have NOW.  After they go they will be gone except for special orders.  We will Only be painting Custom Needlepoint Orders and Finishing/Framing for our customers.  In some instances we will order canvases from our many vendors for you. Thank you.