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3.5" Epaulette, Gold Handle Item # G-ET Gold-plated handles add elegance to the beautiful epaulette design of these embroidery scissors. Stylish enough to be a gift or collector’s piece, and sure to become a treasured heirloom. Gingher Embroidery Scissors have slender blades and finely ground points perfect for cutting threads precisely.

Adjustable Height – 4-6 feet  &  

Magnetic Infrared Remote  $349.
Stella Constellation Desk Task Light - $249.

Whenever possible use a floor or table frame. It is far easier to control your yarn when you stitch with both hands. With a floor frame there is no distraction trying to balance your work on your lap or between a table and your body. Two-handed stitching looks better in the end. Again we are going for a crisp, clean look. The yarn should be pulled straight up and straight down through the canvas. 
Cradle the yarn in one hand above the canvas as you come down, not letting it rest on the canvas. This will protect it and prevent wear. Never pull the fiber through at an angle. Not only does this wear the fiber quickly but also tends to distort the hole that it is traveling through. Two handed stitching is also quicker. Have one hand underneath the canvas and one above. The Japanese insist that the dominant hand be above and the other hand below. I taught myself just the opposite and it seems to work.

Baby Base...Medium & Large Bases Available

philosophy by Jay
Rainbow Gallery...
'Floor Frames'

3.5" Hand-Crafted Pewter Blades, Gold Handle Item #G-CS-4 The elegance of pewter blades and gold-plated handles make these Collector’s Series Embroidery Scissors an exquisite gift or addition to any collection, sure to become a treasured heirloom. The scissors slender frame is ideal for cutting sewing, craft or needlework threads, not for heavier yarn or fabric.

NEW Dovo Scissors  In Store Now....

4" Safety Point Scissors, Chrome Finish Item # G-4PSBoth children and adults can use Gingher’s 4 inch Safety Point Scissors for flawless cutting and protection from sharp points. Children can safely complete their projects without the frustration of dull, poorly made scissors. Safety scissors are also handy in pockets or purses. Confirm current security restrictions before bringing safety scissors on a commercial airline flight. A double-plated chrome finish over nickel is both handsome and durable.

3.5" Lion's Tail, Gold Handle Item # G-LT These scissors are a great gift or a unique piece for your own collection and are sure to become a treasured heirloom. Our finely crafted, gold-plated scissors have a delicate frame is ideal for cutting sewing, craft or needlework threads - not for heavier yarn or fabric. These scissors have nickel-plated blades.

The Gingher lineup of Designer Series scissors and shears. Gingher will bring quality and cutting performance to your workroom, and will bring creative inspiration!
These scissors and shears were manufactured using an ornamentation process that gives each a unique design.  Each will only be offered in limited quantities, making each a treasure to own.    

The next Series comes out in September 2017...Watch for it!       *

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Systems by K's Creations:

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Mini Embroidery Scissors. 2¼” long with very sharp points so you can use for your most delicate cutting and trimming on your needlework.... 


Roxy is nicely Framed on Dowels; Mary will immortalizeher on 
Needlepoint Canvas.

"Good  Girl Roxy"

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Product Features

  • Stella's Flex Arm Technology allows you to put the light wherever you need it.
  • Uses ultra-efficient LED technology which produces more light, and virtually no heat!
  • No bulbs to replace. 50,000+ hour lifespan.
  • Stella's easy touch interface allows you turn on/off, dim up or down, and change the light spectrum with a quick, light, touch.


There is a bright new design in the Gingher line of Designer Series scissors ~  COMING IN SEPTEMBER

K's Scroll Frames with Easy Turn Tri-Knobs

Here are fun mini boxes for quick projects. Everyone loves the sharp moulding lines and multiple colors available. 1¾x1¾" visible design area. Available in 4 finishes - Mahogany, White, Red, & Black. Fully lined with glass and mounting board included. Mounts from underneath like a picture frame.

Bohin 3 1/2 inch Boyen Age Dore'  Design $19.95

Meet STELLA...    
Stella has quickly become the new standard in personal lighting. 

Flex, dim, and change colors. Stella gives you the light you need, how you need it. 

Stella's natural daylight setting provides the purest form of white lights available. More than any "daylight" compact fluorescent bulbs on the market, Stella shows colors exactly as they are, unmanipulated. 

It's ideal for Needle Artists everywhere. 

Includes: LED Desk Lamp, AC Adapter, User Manual​

Key Features:

  1. Designed and patented by our team in Eugene, Oregon
  2. Minimal heat, very comfortable to work and read under
  3. No bulb to replace-50,000+ lifespan
  4. Personalized controls, dimming capabilities, light color variations, telescoping pole, balanced base
  5. Pretty to look at
  6. 2 Year Written Warranty, 100% customer satisfaction guarentee
  7. A lifetime of enjoyment
  8. America's #1 selling LED floor light

StellaSKY    White and in Black

2 1/4 inch Red Bohin Scissors    $24.95

4" Classic Embroidery Scissors Nickel/Gold Finish Item # G-4GS Gold-plated handles enhance the classic 4 inch embroidery scissors. Ideal as a gift or collector’s piece, our embroidery scissors have a slightly stronger frame so you can cut one layer of fabric, multiple strands of embroidery thread, and lighter needlework yarn. Sharp points are great for snipping 

Handy wheeled base means this lamp will work where you do. Comes in a clean white finish with a powerful 18w Daylight energy saving tube (100w equiv.) and a magnifying fine polished acrylic lens to see your detailed work clearly and get perfect color matching. Color: White. $219.95

Nuturalight Smart Led Lamp
Smart Lamp R10   $39.95


Coeur (Heart) Embroidery Scissors. A fanciful heart embellishes these scissors when closed. Very sharp precision points for fine snipping         



 Needlepoint of La Jolla recommends that either mini stretcher bar frames or scroll frames (dowels with side arms) be used. We have found that your work will be more aligned whether you use basketweave, continental, or a decorative stitch. Although we prefer using a frame, we want our customers to enjoy stitching their chosen canvas in the method he or she desires. If it is your choice to use frames, we have the very popular and well-made K's Creations. Choose from the Stow Away that folds down to 5 inches in height for storage, to the Tag-A-Long which folds to a compact 6" x 6" x 36" with a carry handle.

K's Creation's scroll frames vary from 9" to 34" wide, also available are K's lap frame bases---baby, standard, and large, that correspond to the various widths of dowels. The mini stretcher bar sets are light weight and reusable,they range from size 5" to 18", and are nominally priced. Floor frames are used by stitchers who may be initiating a larger project such as a rug or wall hanging. For these projects we can set you up with K's Ultimate Stitching Station, or Rug Frame and Base (May be ordered in any size from 36" to 68" in width). Whatever your needs, we can help you.

Small Square Trays:

#68001 Wood Stain, #68006 Christmas Red,
#68007 Black, #68002 White Wash


#95038 Oak Coaster ( left) #95032 Whitewash Coaster (right) 
#95031 Walnut Coaster (right back)

Black  and 

This new floor standing lamp has been designed with you in mind. We understand that working in comfort is very important to you, that's why it features our unique 'Easy-Twist' movement. Effortlessly, you can twist the head and direct the light exactly where you are, not the other way around. This fantastic lamp also comes with a flicker free 18w Daylight™ energy saving tube (equiv. 100w).

3.5" Hand-Crafted Pewter Blades, Gold Handle Item #G-CS-4 The elegance of pewter blades and gold-plated handles make these Collector’s Series Embroidery Scissors an exquisite gift or addition to any collection, sure to become a treasured heirloom. The scissors slender frame is ideal for cutting sewing, craft or needlework threads, not for heavier yarn or fabric.

Click here for Childs Chair White Wash #45002
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3.75" Fleur-de-Lis, Gold Handle Item #G-FL Elegant and rich, gold-plated handles make Gingher’s ornate 3 ¾ inch Fleur-de-Lis Embroidery Scissors an attractive gift or collector’s piece, sure to become a treasured heirloom. The delicate frame and slender blades are ideal for cutting sewing, craft or needlework threads, not for heavier yarn or fabric.

4" Lightweight Embroidery, Molded Handles, Stainless Blades Item # GS-4 Embroidery scissors are basic necessities for every sewing and needle arts enthusiast. Gingher’s Lightweight Embroidery scissors have strong stainless steel blades for precision cutting all the way to the points. Specially contoured handles made of lightweight black molded nylon, are comfortable for either left or right hand users. Use a screwdriver to adjust tension.

Illustrated Product #s: #99041 Mini Box - Mahogany (1¾x1¾ visible design area) #99042 Mini Box - White (1¾x1¾ visible design area) #99046 Mini Box - Red (1¾x1¾ visible design area) #99047 Mini Box - Black (1¾x1¾ visible design area)

Premax Double Curved Scissors from Italy  $18.95