NeedlePOINT of La Jolla  

  • ​Kreinik’s Balger Sizes 4, 8, 12, 16, & 32 Braid
  • Kreinik’s Balger Vintage 8, 12 & 16 Braid
  • Kreinik’s Balger 1/8 & 1/16 Ribbon 
  • Fyre Werks Soft Sheen by RG                 
  • Neon Rays + by RG                                   
  • Silk Lame Braid for 18 count by RG
  • Petite Silk Lame Braid by RG
  • Entice by RG
  • Capri 13 by RG


  •  Silk and Ivory by Brown Paper Packages

Capri 13

100% polyester slight twist.  Matte finish which is a nice contrast to shinier threads, comes in 25 colors



BellaLusso 15 New Colors 

At NeedlePOINTof La Jolla...
Silk Opal, 
Pepper Pot Silk 
Planet Earth Fiber's Fur-Fuzz-Funn, Rainbow Gallery's Entice & Capri 13;
Bella Lusso Fine Italian Wool Skeins, As Well As Threadworx' Overdyed Bella Lusso Wool Skeins 

A 'Feel Sensation'


  • Mandarin Floss by RG

100% COTTON :

  • Perle Cotton sizes 3 & 5 by DMC
  • 6-Ply Floss by DMC
  • Floche by DMC
  • Overdyed Cotton 6-Ply Floss by Threadworx

100% SILK:

  • Splendor 12 Ply Silk by RG
  • Vineyard Silk by Wiltex
  • Pepper Pot Silk by Tilli Tomas/Planet Earth
  • Silk Opal by Planet Earth Fiber

100% WOOL :

  • Bella Lusso Italian Wool
  • Overdyed Bella Lusso by Threadworx
  • Vineyard Merino Wool by Wiltex Threads

56 colors, Rayon & Metallic Sparkling Needlepoint Braid 

Vineyard's Merino Wool...Full line  

Bella Lusso Wool 45 Yard Skeins in Ring 

Bella Lusso Artisan dyed by ThreadworX, 70 colors, Crewel weight, 100% Italian Merino Wool, 20.5 yard skeins

100% NYLON:

  • Artic Rays by Rainbow Gallery
  • Petite Very Velvet by RG
  • Water n’ Ice by RG


We now offer the full line of Threadworx Overdyed

6 ply Cotton Floss 

N E W Threads at  NeedlePOINT of La Jolla by Rainbow Gallery:

'Snow' by the Caron Collection

New... Caron Collection's'Snow'...
all colors

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